Ứng dụng những phát minh khoa học để sản xuất ice maker machine

Provided you are one business unit, specializing in understandable ice, water – second it is good idea As referring to lucid ice machine , water filtration about Viet An general trading joint stock company . Currently, we Having heaps years’ experiences in industrial ice cube maker construct Once well water treatment system make – No. 1 address in Vietnam. Innumerable customers Having experienced with appreciated it.

One accompanied components system in ice making line

Bloodless store system: provided you are one wholesale ice cube commerce unit, so problem about ice preserve is infinitely very special , because in transporting process, ice is infinitely simple to melt (severely in an hot summer At the time present) – thereby causing damage about finance for your commerce . Cooling system must be large enough to assure reserve ice before shipping. There are many solutions to plan the bloodless store with Different quality materials, now Viet An Company is offering one bloodless store with average price about 90 million Viet Nam dong.

An most current understandable tube ice maker , water filtration in Vietnam

Water purification system : It’s mandatory for an ice making machines which Having one large thể tích about producing ice per day – owning the appropriate the reverse osmosis water filtration system . And ice makers over 1 ton type , you should choose a system has one minimum water filter thể tích at 100 liters/h to ensure adequate amount about water needed to manufacture ice. The cost for water filter systems ranges from fifteen to forty millions.

Package System: it will help you to solve an problem of employment with increase productivity. This system runs completely automatic and can acquire to the volume about ice machines. One price for packaging system about Viet An joint stock company is just appropriate about eighteen million.

Something approximately the Water refilling station inside clear tube ice machine . 

All water filtration system of Viet An joint stock company utilize RO water purification technology with 2 types which are hand operated valves with auto valve.

One filter levels:

  1. Basis Core – PP prevents impurities in an water.
  2. Filter with granular activated carbon, water will be sterilized bacteria and odor along and softening water with creating informal state.
  3. Reverse osmosis membrane filter only allows decent water Getting through in order to help ice become honorable – ensuring food safety, with remaining water will be discharged through the exhaust pipe in pure tube ice machine .
  4. Carbon filter is an persist filter, carbon helps to kill residual bacteria, soften with balance PH in water.

Every ice-making equipment with water filtration system from Viet An Company utilize chắc chắn 304 stainless steel components (components containing 18% chromium with 13% nickel) with high corrosion resistance. This is a “very special ” fabric that may withstand unpredictable change of weather and surroundings . According to experts, an lifecycle of products which are made by SUS 304 stainless steel may be up to 15 years.



Advantages about one lucid ice tube maker and Equipment water refilling station about Viet An Company

  1. Components about lucid – pure ice maker machine lines water filtration system: easy to replace with find.
  2. Because all Viet An Company ‘s ice machines, industrial filtration are made of stainless steel, so you do not pay maintenance fee.
  3. Viet An commit that these product has a durability which is 15 years.
  4. One plan of devices is simple and simple to transport As well install.
  5. And an ability to optimize cooling process so Viet An general trading joint stock company ‘s honorable production line can save up to 20% power for users.
  6. Once operating – Viet An Company ice maker machine, water filtration system does not cause noise pollution.
  7. These machine lines Have circuit protection (Once capacity about product overloaded, or shot-circuit it will automatically power off). Furthermore with LCD display and alert system, it will help process of operation become simple than ever.
  8. An take is incredibly cheaper than the units sold other ice maker .

The company’s policy give buyers about lucid ice cube machine , water filtration

  • Free transport equipment to all customers, who buy products during 9/2016
  • Return product within 1 week, provided there is any parts about product error.
  • Bid reduction cards At the time buying more than the ice maker machine, the water purification system .
  • Free support services for purchasing ice machines, reverse osmosis water filtration system
  • As the product has any malfunctions, Viet An Company will send technical staff to your locate to repair.

Now Viet An Company has numerous showrooms in Hanoi, Da Nang, Buon Me Thuot, with Ho Chi Minh. Provided you long to purchase ice maker machine, water filtration system gratifying to branch about Viet An Company . Any questions please contact to us through mobile number: 0943 41 41 41.

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